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Our Exports

We are a brand registered company, and we strive with a commitment to balance between equilibrium variety and trade volume, as an overlooked technique that can elevate Jumbo Foods to compete on the global market.

We Provide 24 x 7 x 365 Days – Prompt Customer Service.

Ensure 100 % Timely Delivery of Goods.

Ensure 100 % Customer Satisfactions on Our Services and Products.

We Support Excellent Logistics Services to Our Customers.

Assist Tracking of Documents until Customer Destination.

Regularly Serve Detailed Shipment Movement Facility to our Customers.

Customers Commitment 100 % Guaranteed.

We Offer our New Customers for Sales Promotions and Trade Discounts Etc..

β€œIt is the increase in exports that is causing domestic production to increase. We can produce 2000kg per day excluding domestic supply.”

Specially for food items we take care regarding its packing, as it plays a vital role in it. Our selection of custom formulations and packaging styles makes it easy to develop a custom program whether you are seeking to add new references to your existing brand or looking to build a new brand from scratch to compete in your local market.

We also produce leading White label products for export markets in Kuwait, Qatar, Maldives and Singapore.

Growth prospects supported by growing demand for white label products and our ability to select the best suppliers provide great potential for your product to become a viable competitor in the consumer marketplace.

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